Crooked Stave’s Blackberry Petite Sour, a wild ale aged in oak with a generous infusion of blackberries, commands attention from the first whiff. The nose is assaulted by a robust sourness, complemented by the enticing notes of dark bramble fruit and a lively burst of citrus flavors. The result of the interplay between wild yeast and bacteria is nothing short of intriguing.

The Visual Symphony

Pouring into the glass with a captivating magenta hue and crowned by a thin white film, the Blackberry Petite Sour sets the stage for an aesthetic experience. The unfiltered nature of this wild ale is evident, adding a touch of mystique to its appearance.

Aroma: A Harmonious Blend

The olfactory journey is marked by the sweet and tart embrace of berries, accompanied by a delightful touch of funk. The aroma is undeniably pleasant, setting the tone for what’s to come in each sip.

Taste: A Berry Extravaganza

The taste unfolds as a celebration of tartness, with the essence of berries dominating the palate. Picture a berry soda or sparkling water interwoven with the wheaty malt, culminating in a finale adorned with a moderate sour twang. The Blackberry Petite Sour successfully combines flavors in a way that is both refreshing and engaging.

Mouthfeel: Juicy Elegance

The mouthfeel dance is led by a juicy character, leaning towards the thinner side of medium-bodied. This tactile experience adds to the overall drinkability of the beer, inviting you to savor each sip with anticipation.

Overall Verdict: A Berry-Forward Symphony

In totality, Crooked Stave’s Blackberry Petite Sour earns its accolades as a refreshing, tasty, and tart concoction that easily falls into the realm of highly drinkable. While the elusive oak characters may have escaped notice amid the berry-forward profile, it only serves to underscore the beer’s commitment to delivering a vibrant and fruit-forward experience. A fine addition to the repertoire of the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.