In the realm of spiced/herbed/vegetable beers, Yards Brewing presents its ode to Ben Franklin’s 300th birthday with Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce. Crafted from Franklin’s original recipe, this brew incorporates spruce tips and molasses, as barley and hops were not easily accessible during that era.

Unveiling the Pour and Palette

The 12 oz. bottle of Yards Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce gracefully transforms into a light brown pour, allowing light to playfully dance through its contents. Aromatically, the beer brings forth notes of Aquafresh, entwined with the distinct essence of spruce.

Sipping Through the Holidays

With an alcohol by volume (abv) of 5%, this concoction embodies the spirit of Christmas in its taste profile. The infusion of spruce tips and molasses creates a holiday symphony on the palate, offering a unique and festive experience.

Fizz and Fullness

In the realm of mouthfeel, Yards Brewing’s creation boasts a full-bodied fizziness. This tactile element adds an extra layer to the overall drinking experience, enhancing the enjoyment for those seeking a robust and textured beer.

A Holiday Season in a Bottle

Despite not being explicitly marketed as a holiday-themed beer, Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce manages to encapsulate the essence of the holiday season. Its distinctive flavors and rich body make it stand out, surpassing many dedicated holiday offerings in the market. In the grand tapestry of seasonal brews, this one emerges as a flavorful and memorable choice.

In Conclusion

Yards Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce earns its accolades with a historical nod, a unique flavor profile, and a festive vibe that sets it apart in the world of spiced/herbed/vegetable beers. A testament to Yards Brewing’s craftsmanship, this brew is a delightful journey back in time, wrapped in the warmth of holiday cheer.