Beer Review: YARDS IPA

Beer Review: YARDS IPA

The Yards IPA presents itself with a bright amber-tinted gold hue, accompanied by a thin creamy head that lingers briefly. While visually appealing, the overall appearance doesn’t necessarily set it apart from the myriad of IPAs on the market.


The aroma of Yards IPA introduces fruity esters and a hint of light grassy hops. While it carries the anticipated fragrance of an IPA, the subtlety of these elements might leave enthusiasts desiring a more pronounced and distinctive olfactory experience.


Delving into the taste profile, Yards IPA brings forth a combination of fruity yeast sweetness and notes of ripe melon. However, the experience takes a turn with a bitter Eurohop finish, which, while contributing to complexity, may not resonate with those seeking a more harmonious flavor balance.


The mouthfeel of this IPA is characterized by a full-bodied presence and a touch of spicy carbonation. While it adds a layer of intensity to the drinking experience, it might lean towards the heavier side for those who prefer a lighter and more refreshing feel.


In summary, Yards IPA stands as a well-constructed ale, but it falls short of winning over my preferences as an IPA enthusiast. It exudes a solid and drinkable quality, showcasing a firm malt background and a generous infusion of hops. While not aligning with my personal taste for an IPA, it undoubtedly holds its ground as a commendable beer, offering a noteworthy option for those who appreciate a robust and bitter undertone in their brews.