Yards Brewing takes beer enthusiasts on a journey with their Cape of Good Hope, an Imperial/Double IPA that pays homage to the adventurous spirit of the traditional India Pale Ale. Originally crafted to endure the arduous voyages from England, around the African Cape of Good Hope, and to the Indian Subcontinent, this brew embodies the essence of exploration.

Appearance: A Burnt Orange Odyssey

Upon pouring the 12 oz. bottle into an imperial pint glass, the Cape of Good Hope presents a captivating burnt orange hue with sporadic patches of sudsy white film. The visual appeal sets the stage for an intriguing drinking experience.

Aroma: A Bouquet of Adventure

The olfactory journey begins with the scent of fresh-cut herbs, accompanied by subtle notes of peach. The aromatic profile hints at the beer’s bold nature, inviting the drinker to delve into its layers of complexity.

Taste: A Tumultuous Flavor Expedition

The first sip reveals a symphony of flavors – a dance between alcohol warmth, bitter and abrasive earthy hops, and the dry embrace of malt. The culmination is a spicy finish that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of the beer’s adventurous character.

Mouthfeel: Sailing on Full Seas

The Cape of Good Hope boasts a full-bodied mouthfeel that complements its robust flavor profile. The weightiness on the palate enhances the overall drinking experience, providing a sense of substance and depth.

Overall: A Unique Odyssey Unfolds

As the beer unfolds with each sip, it gradually captivates the drinker. The Cape of Good Hope emerges as a distinctive hybrid Double IPA, standing out in the vast sea of craft brews. While it may not be love at first taste, its uniqueness and complexity grow on you, much like the allure of a balmy Indian evening in a distant land. This brew is a testament to Yards Brewing’s commitment to crafting beers that resonate with the adventurous soul.