Publisher: Widmer Brothers Brewing
Genre: American Pale Ale
Print Length: Not specified
ISBN: Not specified

Widmer Brothers Brewing presents Alchemy Ale, a concoction born from the daily alchemical rituals of transforming water, malt, hops, and yeast into what they claim to be “liquid gold.” Promising a fusion of years of experimentation and a secret Alchemy hop blend, the beer is marketed as a pure expression of brewing art and science. Let’s delve into the alchemical mysteries behind this ale.

The Alchemical Mix

Alchemy Ale boasts a bright hop character with subtle hints of caramel, all harmoniously leading to a smooth finish. The proprietary hop blend, dubbed Alchemy hops, is said to be a carefully chosen selection from the Pacific Northwest, shrouded in secrecy. This blend supposedly serves as the backbone for all Widmer Brothers’ beers, including the mystical Alchemy Ale.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: The ale pours a rather unimpressive amber gold with minimal head and visible carbonation.

Aroma: A faint aroma of light citrusy hops and a touch of toast greets the drinker.

Taste: The flavor profile features a husky sweet malt, accompanied by a modest hop bite that hints at tropical and pine notes. However, the promised hop dominance is a fleeting victory.

Mouthfeel: The beer presents a fizzy and peppery mouthfeel, characterized by thinness and a hint of astringency.

The Verdict

Overall, Widmer Brothers’ Alchemy Ale falls short of its alchemical promises. While the beer is deemed “okay,” it leaves much to be desired. The critic expresses a longing for more body and hops, particularly given its stated 5.8% alcohol by volume. Concerns about the beer’s longevity and potential decline in quality over time are raised, creating doubts about its shelf life beyond a few months.

Final Thoughts

In this critical assessment, Alchemy Ale emerges as a brew that may disappoint those seeking a robust and hop-forward experience. The reviewer’s skepticism about the beer’s aging potential raises questions about the wisdom of recommending it to less-informed consumers. Widmer Brothers’ attempt at alchemical mastery seems to have missed the mark, leaving the drinker yearning for a more enchanting elixir.