Wallenpaupack Brewing Co., established in 2017 in Hawley, PA, has been gaining attention for its impressive lineup of beers. Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into their offerings, ultimately choosing to scrutinize their new Low-Cal IPA. This decision stemmed from a previous blind test of low-calorie IPAs earlier this year, and the anticipation to include Smallmouth in that comparison.


Pouring Smallmouth Low-Cal IPA into a Rastal Harmony glass, the beer presents itself in a crystal-clear straw hue. The head formation is commendable, lingering for several minutes before dissipating. The canned-on date of “07/10/20” indicates a freshness of approximately one month.


The aroma is a highlight, characterized by a bright and inviting blend of lemon balm, Mandarin orange, canned pineapple, canned peaches, and white grape. The olfactory experience sets high expectations for what’s to come.


Smallmouth defies expectations with its impressive mouthfeel – a dense and oily texture that belies its sub-5% ABV. Surprisingly smooth and silky, it boasts a higher-than-expected overall bitterness, delivering a barrage of spicy hops and intense lemon peel flavors. The interplay of citrusy hop oils, resinous bitterness, silky mouthfeel, elevated carbonation, and a partial dry finish catapults this brew into the outstanding category, particularly noteworthy for a <5% ABV IPA.


The mouthfeel is a standout feature, defying the low-calorie profile. It’s smooth, silky, and maintains a high level of carbonation, keeping the palate lively and engaged. The oily and dense texture adds depth, contributing to an overall impressive drinking experience.


In conclusion, Smallmouth Low-Cal IPA emerges as one of the finest low-calorie IPAs I’ve encountered. It successfully encapsulates the essence of clear IPAs – boasting a robust hop aroma and aggressive bitterness – without succumbing to excessive sweetness or high alcohol content. Its effervescent body and partial dryness transform it into an exceptionally refreshing session beer, all while delivering the intense bitterness expected from a regular strength IPA. This offering from Wallenpaupack Brewing stands as a true masterpiece in my estimation.

Perceived Specs for Wallenpaupack Smallmouth Low-Cal IPA

(Sweet 4, Bitter 6, Acid 0, Salt 0, Savory 0, Fat 1, Mineral 1)

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Wallenpaupack’s Smallmouth IPA proves to be a standout in the realm of low-calorie offerings. Balancing bold hop flavors, a commendable bitterness, and a surprisingly lush mouthfeel, it stands as a testament to the brewery’s prowess. It manages to deliver a refreshing experience while maintaining the integrity of a classic IPA. In my assessment, Smallmouth IPA deserves recognition as a true masterpiece in its category.