Victory Brewing Company, recognized for its innovative approach to brewing, seamlessly combines traditional styles with unique concepts to deliver Red Thunder. This Baltic Porter, aged in red wine barrels from Wente Vineyards, exemplifies the brewery’s commitment to crafting top-tier, flavorful beers. Let’s delve into the various facets of Victory Red Thunder.

Tasting Experience

Appearance: The beer pours a rich amber-brown hue with a modest tan ring crowning the top. A visual introduction that hints at the brew’s depth.

Aroma: Red Thunder captivates the senses with a melding of chocolate-covered raisins and the distinct influence of red wine barrel, accentuated by the fragrance of a red wine-soaked cork. A sensory journey unfolds.

Taste: Indulging in Red Thunder reveals a toasty chocolate malt foundation, intertwined with the nuanced presence of the red wine barrel. Tannins add depth, while a subtle tartness emerges in the chocolaty finish, creating a multifaceted taste profile.

Mouthfeel: With a medium-bodied composition and soft carbonation, the beer ensures a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. The mouthfeel complements the flavor intricacies, enhancing overall satisfaction.


Victory Red Thunder stands out as a very delicious creation. The harmonious balance achieved among malt, wood, wine, and tartness is commendable. Each element contributes to the complexity of the brew, resulting in a rich and fruity final product.


In conclusion, Victory Brewing Company’s Red Thunder, with its 8.5% abv, elevates the Baltic Porter style by introducing it to the world of red wine barrels. The outcome is a delightful beer that skillfully marries tradition with innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a casual imbiber, Red Thunder promises a flavorful journey through its carefully crafted layers of taste.


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Victory Brewing CompanyBaltic Porter, Barrel Aged Beer, Beer Reviews750 ml. bottle8.5% abv