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Victory BrewingImperial/Double IPAN/AN/A


Victory Dirtwolf Double IPA, a creation from Victory Brewing, emerges as a fiercely assertive contender in the realm of double IPAs. Promising an experience that’s intentionally unbridled and dangerously satisfying, this brew represents the culmination of Victory’s exploration with whole flower American-grown hops.

Taste and Aroma

Upon pouring, Victory DirtWolf Double IPA presents itself with a hazy amber gold hue topped with a delicate yet substantial head. Its aroma bursts forth with a medley of enticing notes including tangerine, mango, peach, pine, and lemon, contributing to a big, dank nose. The flavor profile delivers on its promise, with the citrusy zest of Citra hops dancing alongside orange fruit and pith, all underscored by a restrained bitterness. The finish is notably clean, leaving a lingering but moderate bitterness on the palate.

Mouthfeel and Overall Impression

Despite its double IPA classification, Victory DirtWolf Double IPA surprises with its notably dry mouthfeel, boasting a full yet non-sticky body. The carbonation remains at a pleasant average level, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Impressively, the freshness of the brew elevates the enjoyment, suggesting that this beer shines brightest when consumed at its peak.

Critique and Conclusion

In the realm of double IPAs, Victory DirtWolf stands out as a remarkable offering, rivaling even the esteemed brews from renowned West Coast breweries. The integration of new hop varieties showcases Victory Brewing’s commitment to evolving their craft while still paying homage to their roots. While some may find nostalgia in Victory’s previous creations like Hop Wallop, DirtWolf reinvigorates enthusiasm with its bold flavors and expert balance. For those seeking a top-tier hoppy experience without the need for cross-country trades, Victory DirtWolf Double IPA proves to be a worthy choice, delivering satisfaction sip after sip.