Urban Roots EZ PZ Dry Hopped Pilsner pours into my glass, and the first thing that strikes me is its near-perfect clarity, presenting itself as a straw-colored elixir. Topping it off is a frothy, enduring white head, which lingers for a commendable four minutes. Unfortunately, there’s no detailed beer description or canning date to be found on the can, a minor disappointment.


Upon taking in the aromas, I’m greeted with a bouquet that combines freshly mowed grass with subtle hints of white peach, damp dough, pineapple upside-down cake, and a touch of vanilla. Notably absent is the dreaded buttery diacetyl, a flaw often found when predominantly using pilsner malt.


Urban Roots’ EZ PZ takes the palate on a lively journey. It delivers a remarkable brightness and a refreshing quality, boasting a vibrant herbal bitterness that’s quite assertive for a pilsner. This firmly situates it in the realm of a modern American hoppy pilsner. Unlike its Czech or German counterparts, there’s a noticeable absence of caramelization, which contributes to a lean and dry body. The low sugar content accentuates the overall bitterness. Despite the combination of heightened bitterness and dryness, EZ PZ avoids any harsh or astringent qualities. Instead, it offers a rustic maltiness with a depth of cracked grain character, resulting in an exceptional mouthfeel and a brisk, snappy finish. This is a beer that beckons to be savored in generous sips, as a single 16oz can is hardly sufficient.


EZ PZ achieves an impressive balance of high bitterness and a dry body, delivering a remarkably pleasant mouthfeel. Its rustic maltiness and the depth of cracked grain character contribute to an inviting texture that culminates in a snappy, quick finish.


Urban Roots’ EZ PZ Dry Hopped Pilsner skillfully bridges the gap between two distinct worlds – the IPA and the Pilsner. It successfully incorporates the modern American dry-hopped character often associated with IPAs and hazy IPAs. However, what sets it apart is the beer’s intrinsic cleanliness and its undeniable lager quality. In a landscape where many American pilsners and IPLs blur the lines with their IPA counterparts, Urban Roots has crafted one of the finest hoppy lagers I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. It’s a quintessential modern American Pilsner and deserves a spot among my best of 2020 picks.


EZ PZ seamlessly melds the best aspects of an IPA with the quintessential characteristics of a Pilsner. It captures the essence of modern American dry-hopped brews while maintaining a level of purity and drinkability reminiscent of a lager. Urban Roots has truly excelled in creating an exceptional hoppy lager. It’s a standout example of a modern American Pilsner and is a strong contender for my list of top beers in 2020.

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