From the heart of Upright Brewing comes the Fantasia, a barrel-aged concoction that dives into the realms of sour ale with a blend of fresh peaches, various yeasts, and bacteria. Crafted to echo the traditions of Belgian lambics, this 5.75% ABV brew ventures into a territory that has garnered a cult-like following, as I discovered in a tasting session courtesy of Jer’s discerning group.


Pouring into a goblet, Fantasia presents itself in an amber gold hue, lacking any substantial head that typically accompanies such libations.


The initial olfactory encounter is a medley of peculiar notes, with faint traces of chlorine or clorox, alongside the anticipated peach essence and a touch of funk.


Embarking on the tasting journey, the prominent flavors of peach pit, tannins, and a tart peach profile dominate the palate. Accompanied by earthy yeast undertones, the culmination unfolds into a sour and peachy finish.


The lively effervescence of Fantasia imparts a sparkling wine-like quality to the overall experience, elevating its presence on the palate.


It becomes apparent why Pacific Northwesterners guard this brew zealously in trade circles. Fantasia is undeniably a work of art, skillfully blending elements to create a distinctive sour ale that pays homage to Belgian lambic traditions. Its allure lies in the carefully orchestrated interplay of peaches, yeasts, and bacteria, marking it as a coveted creation in the realm of barrel-aged beers.