The pour of Upland Teddy Bear Kisses reveals a beer that immediately falls short in the visual department. Dark brown in hue, its initially promising head dissipates swiftly, leaving behind a lackluster presentation that fails to captivate.

Aroma: A Mélange of Dark and Decidedly Bold

In the olfactory realm, Teddy Bear Kisses exhibits a complex profile dominated by notes of cola, dark roasted malt, anise, and caramelized dark fruit. While intriguing, the overall aroma lacks a certain refinement, with a cacophony of scents competing for attention rather than harmonizing seamlessly.

Taste: A Roller Coaster of Robust Flavors

The taste experience unfolds with a roller coaster of bold elements. Dark roasted malt takes center stage, accompanied by assertive black coffee and dark chocolate. Ripe dark fruit intermingles with spicy hops, creating a flavor profile that, while undeniably intense, may leave some palates overwhelmed by the sheer power of its components.

Mouthfeel: A Weighty Affair

Teddy Bear Kisses boasts a full-bodied character, providing a substantial mouthfeel that aligns with expectations for an Imperial Stout. The carbonation, however, merely achieves average status, failing to elevate the drinking experience to a more dynamic level.

Overall: A Decent, Yet Unexceptional Imperial Stout

While there is unquestionably nothing inherently wrong with Teddy Bear Kisses, it falls short of achieving greatness. Positioned as a textbook example of an Imperial Stout, it manages to check all the boxes without venturing into the realm of exceptionalism. The beer’s robust nature might appeal to enthusiasts seeking a no-nonsense, traditional stout, but for those in search of innovation and a more refined balance, it may leave something to be desired.