The Upland Gilgamesh, presented in a 750 ml. bottle and poured into a goblet, reveals itself with a dark beet red hue crowned by a white ring and occasional swirls. The effervescence of rising bubbles adds a lively touch.


Engaging the olfactory senses, the aroma unfolds a complex interplay of sour red fruit, imbued oak barrel notes, a subtle presence of alcohol, and a touch of funk.


The palate is introduced to a symphony of flavors, dominated by sour grape, seasoned wood, and the distinct influence of the bourbon barrel. A nuanced note of red wine vinegar enhances the sensory experience. Despite the perceptible boozy barrel character, the 10.5% alcohol content manages to stay remarkably well concealed.


Upland Gilgamesh boasts a full-bodied presence, complemented by a vigorous carbonation that adds a lively effervescence to the overall drinking experience.


In the realm of sour ales, Upland Gilgamesh stands out as one of the best-executed offerings from the Upland Brewing repertoire. Although I may not have sampled their entire lineup, the fusion of the red sour ale with the bourbon barrel initially raised trepidation, yet the marriage of these elements proves to be harmonious and commendable. The year-long oak fermentation in bourbon barrels, coupled with the incorporation of wild yeasts and acid-producing microorganisms, attests to the dedication behind this creation. Upland Gilgamesh transcends expectations, delivering an epicurean journey that justifies the trials encountered in its making.