The Rare Barrel’s Blurred CsT pours from a 750ml bottle, priced at a rather steep $23. Its appearance in the glass is a clear, raspberry-colored pinkish red hue, crowned by a light pink foam that fizzles out as quickly as soda loses its effervescence.


This beer greets the nose with an enchanting blend of fresh cherries, notes of strawberry rhubarb pie, the sweetness of pound cake, and a pronounced aroma of grape skins. Despite its Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grape origins, the scent leans towards Pinot Noir, offering a more prominent red berry presence with subtle phenolic hints.


Blurred CsT delights the palate with its effervescent mouthfeel and impeccable balance. Surprisingly, the overall acidity is lower than one might expect, possibly due to blending with less sour or non-sour beer. This lends the beer a touch of residual sweetness that accentuates the vibrant red fruit and black pepper flavors derived from the grapes. The tannic grape skins introduce a welcome bitterness, a rarity in most sour ales. A moderate salinity contributes further to the harmonious medley of flavors, elevating the beer’s buoyancy on the palate. Remaining true to its Pinot Noir resemblance, Blurred CsT boasts a lighter body with moderate tannins, concluding with a tart and zippy finish that leaves you yearning for another sip.


The effervescence in Blurred CsT’s mouthfeel adds to its overall appeal, creating a lively and engaging drinking experience. The moderate tannin presence provides a balanced structure that complements the beer’s nuanced flavor profile.


Blurred CsT is a masterpiece that showcases the boundless potential of blending sour ale with wine. While I’ve had my fair share of wine grape sour beers this year, Blurred CsT stands out as a true gem. Unlike others, it doesn’t let the sour base overpower the red grapes, allowing their rich flavors and transformative qualities to shine through. The result is a beer that is both intricate and approachable, a true testament to the artistry of brewing.

Similar Beers:

While Russian River, pFriem, Firestone Walker, Cascade, and Jester King are all renowned for their exceptional sour ales with wine grapes, none quite compare to the unique experience offered by Blurred CsT. This beer is truly one-of-a-kind.

In conclusion, The Rare Barrel’s Blurred CsT is a must-try for any enthusiast seeking a fusion of sour ale and wine that exemplifies craftsmanship and complexity.