The Lost Abbey’s Veritas 019 immediately makes a bold statement as it pours into the glass. The shockingly pink hue is impossible to ignore, creating a visually vibrant experience. The 750ml bottle, corked and caged, holds a beer with outstanding head retention – a commendable feature for a sour ale. The baby pink foam leaves delicate lacing around the glass, enhancing the overall presentation.


The olfactory journey of Veritas 019 is both intriguing and complex. Initially, the nose is greeted with jammy and vinegary notes, gradually evolving into the enticing fragrance of pithy cherry and raspberry flesh. As the beer warms, it transforms into a more dessert-like aroma, reminiscent of cranberry and cherry pie. The subtle balance of the oak adds an excellent dimension to the overall scent, setting the stage for what lies ahead.


In the realm of flavor, Veritas 019 showcases a well-executed interplay of elements. The subtle oak notes seamlessly intertwine with the richness of raspberry jam and the acidity of cranberry juice. Notably, the barrel character and sour levels are expertly calibrated, steering clear of overwhelming the palate. This release marks a departure from Lost Abbey’s historical struggle with acidity, presenting a beer where the acid level is admirably restrained, making it approachable for a broader audience of beer enthusiasts.


Surprisingly, the palate experience of Veritas 019 exceeds expectations. Contrary to the common perception of sours as slow sippers, this beer boasts a buoyant and refreshing character. The minimal acetic acid/vinegar prickliness on the tongue, combined with a somewhat salty undertone, contributes to a lighter body with a quenching quality. This deviation from the norm adds finesse to the overall mouthfeel, making it stand out in the sour ale category.


The Lost Abbey’s Veritas 019 represents a commendable evolution in the Veritas series. Despite the controversy surrounding previous releases, this iteration showcases the brewery’s dedication to improvement. The innovative “preview and pre-order” system at the brewery reflects a thoughtful approach to customer experience. With a visually striking appearance, a captivating aroma, a well-balanced taste profile, and an unexpectedly refreshing mouthfeel, Veritas 019 earns its place as a noteworthy addition to the sour ale landscape. The only regret? Not grabbing more bottles during the initial encounter.