In the visual department, The Lost Abbey’s Farmhouse Lager makes a noteworthy entrance. Poured into a Rastal Harmony glass, the 12oz bottle reveals a clear, deep golden hue, accentuated by a lively carbonation dance. Topped with a cream-colored, meringue-like head that stubbornly lingers, it presents an inviting and aesthetically pleasing profile.


While the aroma of Farmhouse Lager doesn’t align with traditional farmhouse vibes, it captivates nonetheless. Foregoing the expected Brett or Belgian yeast spiciness, this beer leans towards a French farmhouse style. Initial whiffs bring forth the delightful fragrance of homemade bread rolls, freshly-cut grass, and a sweet interplay of Valencia orange and yellow pear. As the temperature rises, hints of apple pie with buttery crust add a delightful layer to the olfactory experience.


The taste experience of Farmhouse Lager is nothing short of sublime. The malt character takes center stage, defying expectations with its dense, chewy, fatty, and oily texture, a delightful surprise considering the beer’s modest ABV and unassuming appearance. Steering away from sweetness, spiced apple and whole wheat bread crust dominate the palate. A well-balanced backdrop of grassy, herbal bitterness adds depth, culminating in a semi-dry finish. Notably, a subtle citric and lactic acidity elevates this pale lager into a league of its own, leaving a lingering, mineral-laden aftertaste of chalk and slate.


In the realm of mouthfeel, Farmhouse Lager showcases a commendable performance. The beer’s lean ABV doesn’t compromise its texture, offering a satisfyingly chewy and oily sensation. The carbonation, though robust, maintains a smooth and crisp overall feel. The subtle citric and lactic acidity introduces a refreshing twist, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


In the grand scheme of things, The Lost Abbey’s Farmhouse Lager stands as a distinctive player in the craft beer scene. Positioned as a year-round recipe, it boldly ventures into a realm where consensus is elusive. The beer’s departure from the typical “Farmhouse” association with Belgian ales is both unexpected and commendable. Instead, it carves its niche by combining lower ABV with a focus on bready malt flavors, delving into blue-collar territory while embracing the essence of session pale lagers. Farmhouse Lager, devoid of the luxury to mask flaws with intense bitterness or acidity, shines through meticulous attention to detail. This brew earns a resounding verdict of 95 points, rightfully earning the label of “SUPERLATIVE.”

As the only brewery globally with a year-round Farmhouse Lager, Lost Abbey challenges preconceived notions, successfully redefining the boundaries of this beer style. The confluence of lower ABV and pronounced bready malt flavors not only places Farmhouse Lager in familiar, accessible territory but also sets a high standard for session pale lagers. In a world dominated by bold styles, this beer stands tall, showcasing perfection in details and an unwavering commitment to quality.

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