The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery presents its formidable creation, The Duck-Rabbit Porter, which makes a bold entrance with its deep and mysterious hue. This robust porter ventures into the realm of intense roasted grain flavors, reminiscent of the richness found in dark chocolate. The addition of oats by Paul and Brandon to the grist imparts a subtle yet palpable round silkiness to the mouthfeel. Brace yourself, as this review dives into the nuances of this 12 oz. bottled delight, clocking in at 5.7% abv and sourced through an online trade.


The visual experience begins as the liquid darkness cascades into the goblet, unveiling a midnight brown that engulfs the vessel. A creamy tan film of froth emerges to crown the pour, setting the stage for the sensorial journey that lies ahead.


In the olfactory realm, The Duck-Rabbit Porter reveals a complex interplay of vinous notes, adding a touch of sweetness to the aromatic profile. Herbal hops make their presence known, intertwining with the assertive essence of chocolate roast. The bouquet tantalizes the senses, promising a tasting adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.


The first sip introduces a noticeable twang that dances on the palate, accompanied by the bold companionship of roast and the decadent embrace of dark chocolate. The flavors unfold, revealing the craftsmanship that went into brewing this robust porter, leaving an indelible impression on the taste buds.


The mouthfeel is a symphony of sensations, with a highly carbonated effervescence that elevates the drinking experience. Creaminess adds a luxurious texture, enhancing the overall enjoyment and contributing to the beer’s distinct character.


In the realm of porters, The Duck-Rabbit Porter stands as a paragon of excellence. The robustness of flavor, the carefully curated aroma, the play of textures in the mouthfeel – all converge to create a very solid, darn near perfect offering. It encapsulates everything one seeks in a porter, making it an experience worth savoring. This brew confidently earns its place among the top tier of its category, leaving an indelible mark on the palate and a lingering desire for more.