Publisher: The Bruery
Genre: Barleywine, Barrel-Aged Beer, Beer Reviews
Print Length: 750 ml. bottle
ISBN: Not specified

The Bruery’s White Chocolate, a manifestation of their prowess in crafting barrel-aged wonders, beckons enthusiasts into a world where beer transcends its traditional boundaries. Let’s delve into the different facets of this 14% ABV creation.

A Symphony of Flavors: White Oak Sap Unveiled

The heart of White Chocolate lies in the 100% barrel-aged wheat wine known as “White Oak Sap.” Treated as a summer barley-wine style ale, this concoction boasts a wheat-heavy grain base, spending nearly a year in used bourbon barrels. The result? A sensory delight, brimming with coconut, honey, caramel, and vanilla notes. To elevate the richness, the brewers infused cacao nibs and vanilla beans, transforming it into a liquid homage to white chocolate.

Aesthetics: A Honey-Hued Temptation

Upon pouring into a snifter, White Chocolate reveals itself in a honey-colored cascade, crowned by a modest white ring of bubbles. Despite the anticipation, swishing the liquid yields minimal head action, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Olfactory Overture: Vanilla, Custard, and Bourbon Waltz

The olfactory experience commences with a symphony of vanilla, custard, and cookie dough, all harmonizing with the prominent bourbon presence. The aromatic dance preludes the imminent tasting journey.

Palate Pleasures: Bourbon-Soaked Elegance

White Chocolate doesn’t hold back on the palate, delivering a heavy bourbon presence enriched by the nuances of the barrel. Vanilla and caramel play a leading role, accompanied by a subtle touch of tart apple, crafting an irresistibly inviting flavor profile.

Texture Tale: Thick Indulgence Without the Cling

The mouthfeel narrates a story of thickness without succumbing to syrupy or cloying traits. Soft carbonation accentuates the experience, successfully masking the heat despite the elevated ABV.

The Verdict: Dessert Beer Delight

In the realm of 14% ales, White Chocolate stands out as a paragon of cohesion. Echoing the success of the recently unveiled Fruet, this beer epitomizes smoothness, richness, and an irresistible allure. A potential playground for experimentation, envision blending it with the likes of Chocolate Rain or Black Tuesday. White Chocolate is undeniably a dessert beer, promising a super yummy, indulgent experience that lingers on the palate.