The visual allure of Spritz This! defies expectations, as its deep purple hue, contrary to the anticipated light pink rosé, surprises the beholder. The soda-like, pink-purple foam fizzes exuberantly but fades swiftly, leaving behind a glass filled with a sparkling mystery. The deep, almost impenetrable color suggests an intriguing depth that beckons exploration.


Upon bringing the glass to the nose, an initial tang of vinegar and acetic acid dances briefly, making way for a more complex olfactory experience. Red grape skins, blueberry, and açaí berries intermingle, creating an aromatic symphony. The fragrance is a precursor to the forthcoming flavor, promising a journey into the realms of blackberry, blackcurrant, and açaí, all gracefully balanced with mid-range acidity.


The taste journey of Spritz This! harmoniously follows the aromatic prelude. The blackberry, blackcurrant, and açaí notes take center stage, delivering a delightful medley of flavors. The acidity, though modestly salty and faintly acetic, plays a supporting role, allowing the fruit skin and barrel tannins to shine. The intentional absence of creamy, lactic acid, a departure from the kettle-soured convention, unveils a pristine canvas where the jammy Pinot Noir and Alicante Bouschet flavors unfold without hindrance. The low sweetness and high carbonation unite to offer a refreshingly effervescent experience.


The mouthfeel of Spritz This! complements its flavor profile with a lively effervescence that invigorates the palate. The absence of creamy, lactic acid enhances the clarity of the wine-forward character. The firm tannic bitterness, a testament to thoughtful brewing, adds a layer of sophistication to the overall texture. The beer asserts itself with a balanced interplay of elements, ensuring a gratifying sensation from the first sip to the last.


In the realm of wine/beer hybrids, Spritz This! emerges as a standout, navigating the challenging terrain with finesse. Priced at $11 for a 4-pack, this beer extends an invitation to indulge in an accessible yet sophisticated tasting experience. The unexpected depth of color, coupled with a complex aroma and a medley of fruit-forward flavors, underscores its uniqueness. By forgoing the conventional kettle souring, Spritz This! achieves a remarkable balance, allowing the nuanced Pinot Noir and Alicante Bouschet characteristics to shine. In the world of beer hybrids, this offering from The Bruery Terreux distinguishes itself as an exemplar, offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary.