The Bruery’s Mrs. Stoutfire, a collaborative effort with Beachwood Brewing, brings forth the promise of an imperial smoked stout that goes beyond simplicity. The brewers, known for their small batch creations and beer-related escapades, embark on a full-scale project that marries their expertise with Beachwood’s touch. The result is a robust imperial stout, smoked with a blend of apple, white oak, and pecan woods – the same woods used in Beachwood’s award-winning BBQ. Aged on these flavorful woods, Mrs. Stoutfire aims to strike a balance between hearty, meaty smokiness and the sweetness of malt.


Pouring into a goblet, Mrs. Stoutfire presents itself as an obsidian black elixir crowned with a cap of tan film, setting the stage for what lies beneath.


The olfactory journey is dominated by the scent of smoked malt, accompanied by notes of roasted malt, dark chocolate, campfire, and a hint of dark fruit, creating an intriguing aromatic profile.


On the palate, the beer unfolds with a symphony of flavors – burnt roast, spicy smoke, echoes of Jack Daniels and Jack barrel, intertwined with baking cocoa and a touch of spicy hops. The journey concludes with a lingering roasty finish.


With a full-bodied presence and creamy carbonation, Mrs. Stoutfire proves to be a smooth operator, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Critical Assessment

While touted to share similarities with the delightful Alaskan Smoked Porter, Mrs. Stoutfire deviates in its interpretation of smokiness. Contrary to the product description, the smokiness doesn’t register as meaty but rather invites enthusiasts to savor the smoky goodness. Those hesitant due to The Bruery’s Smoking Wood should take note; Mrs. Stoutfire offers a distinctive and refreshing departure.


Mrs. Stoutfire is an enticing venture into the realm of imperial smoked stouts, showcasing the collaborative prowess of The Bruery and Beachwood Brewing. It challenges preconceptions and delivers a unique drinking experience that beckons even those wary of intense smokiness. In the world of craft beer, Mrs. Stoutfire earns its place as a flavorful departure from the norm.