The Bruery’s Filmishmish presents itself with a bright amber-gold hue, enticing the observer with its visual appeal. The radiant color sets the stage for what promises to be a unique tasting experience.


Upon nosing this barrel-aged sour blonde ale, one encounters a complex blend of elements. The initial impression is reminiscent of husky grains and perfumy yeast, akin to the Hottonroth variety. The aromatic profile further unfolds with a notable barnyard funk, accompanied by subtle hints of apricot and honey sweetness. Intriguingly, there is a touch of unconventional locker room and cumin-like funk, adding a layer of uniqueness to the olfactory experience.


Filmishmish offers a tasting journey characterized by sour fruit notes, featuring hints of lemon and unripe berries. The grainy malt, with a touch of huskiness, and perhaps a presence of wheat in the bill, contributes to the overall flavor profile. The juiciness of tart stone fruit adds a refreshing dimension, while the finish introduces a quick, but discernable, wine barrel note. Notably, the sourness does not overstay its welcome, inviting the drinker to indulge in successive sips.


In terms of mouthfeel, this barrel-aged creation is medium-bodied and exudes a juicy quality. The tactile experience complements the overall flavor profile, enhancing the enjoyment of each sip.


Filmishmish earns praise for its refreshing and balanced character, standing out as one of The Bruery’s notable non-dark sour offerings. The interplay between apricot and oak characterizes this brew, with the well-formed sour ale taking center stage. The call for a repeat production is not unfounded, as this beer manages to leave a lasting impression on those seeking a distinctive and enjoyable sour ale experience.