Buckle up for a ride through the Terrapin Reunion Ale ’12, a collaborative creation by Terrapin Beer Co. and Shmaltz Brewing Company. This dark ale, brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla, and cinnamon, promises a flavor journey reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate. But does it live up to the hype of its predecessor, the Reunion ’11? Let’s dive into the details.

Brewing Artistry

Terrapin Beer Co. stays true to its roots with the Terrapin Reunion Ale ’12. Akin to its predecessor, this dark ale boasts a symphony of flavors – complex malt overtones paving the way for the entrance of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. The brew, featuring cocoa nibs from Olive and Sinclair in Nashville, delivers a concoction inspired by the richness of Mexican hot chocolate. The question lingers: will it complement your favorite BBQ, Mole, or Churro from the local food truck?

Tasting Notes

Pouring a dark amber-hued brown with a head that swiftly bids adieu, the Terrapin Reunion Ale ’12 unveils a tempting aroma. Cinnamon raisin toast, vanilla, and hints of banana esters dance in the air. As the liquid gold hits your palate, expect a journey through sweet dark bready malt, entwined with the enchanting trio of cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate-covered banana. The mouthfeel, a medium-bodied affair with lively bubbles, adds a layer of tactile pleasure to the overall experience.


While the Terrapin Reunion Ale ’12 earns its stripes as a super tasty creation, it leans towards the sweet and malty end of the spectrum. This flavor profile might not be everyone’s cup of tea – or beer, in this case. The sweetness might overshadow the complexity for those who prefer a more balanced brew. However, if you have a penchant for bold, indulgent flavors, this could be your ticket to palate paradise.

The Verdict

In the realm of craft beers, Terrapin Reunion Ale ’12 stands as a testament to the artistry of collaboration. Its rich amalgamation of cocoa nibs, vanilla, and cinnamon takes you on a flavorful escapade. Whether it’s a match made in heaven with BBQ, Mole, or Churro from your favorite local food truck is subjective. One thing’s for sure – this ale is not afraid to embrace its sweet side, making it a delightful choice for those with a penchant for the richer things in life.

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PublisherTerrapin Beer Co.
GenreBrown Ale
Print Length22 oz. bottle
ISBNNot applicable