The presentation of the Tallgrass King Buffalo Stout is reminiscent of its predecessor, Buffalo Sweat. Pouring out, it adopts a clear cola hue, only to transform into an impenetrable black in the glass. The carbonation generously produces a substantial cappuccino mousse, maintaining its presence before settling into a thin foam layer. While the beer maintains the familiar dense, foamy head, it leans towards a darker shade, leaving behind characteristic sticky lacing on the glass.


Delving into the aroma, the beer excels in capturing the essence of a stout. A medley of coffee, chocolate, and roasted barley dominates the olfactory experience. Hints of toffee and a subtle boozy note linger in the background. However, compared to its predecessor, the aroma appears lighter and sweeter, introducing notes of raisinets, chocolate-covered strawberry, and chocolate birthday cake.


Taking that initial sip is a journey through intensified coffee and chocolate flavors that, while familiar, present themselves in a more pronounced and complex manner. The body is robust, boasting a velvety texture that culminates in a bitter, dry, and warming finish. Notably, the absence of lactose eliminates any residual sweetness, replaced by an earthy, herbal hop character that harmonizes with the dark roasted malts. The flavor profile leans towards a full-bodied experience, characterized by dense, semisweet chocolate and heavy raisin notes, skillfully balanced with tar and woodsy hops to prevent an overpowering sweetness.


The mouthfeel of Tallgrass King Buffalo Stout is a notable feature, with a thickness and robustness that align with the expectations of a silky-smooth stout. The carbonation contributes to a creamy texture, enhancing the overall drinking experience. However, the finish, while commendable, exhibits a slight wood pulpy dryness that, at times, distracts from the beer’s overall coherence.


In the grand scheme, Tallgrass King Buffalo Stout presents itself as an enjoyable imperial stout, steering clear of the often prevalent issue of excessive sweetness. The body stands out for its density, offering a fairly uniform focus on the interplay between chocolate and raisins. Yet, the beer is not without its critiques. The aroma, despite its richness, could benefit from a refinement to achieve a more balanced profile. Similarly, the finish, while maintaining the beer’s trajectory, edges towards excessive dryness. Nevertheless, with its elevated ABV of 10.5%, the beer manages to conceal any apparent booziness, making it a contender for those seeking a potent and well-crafted stout.