Beer Review: SURLY WET

Beer Review: SURLY WET

Surly Brewing’s Wet (2011/All Citra) boasts a hefty dose of 4,800 pounds of freshly picked hops from Washington, promptly shipped to Minnesota and brewed within a mere three days. Positioned as a hop-forward concoction, it leans towards dryness while keeping malt undertones in check.


Pouring into a goblet from a 16 oz. can, the beer presents itself in a translucent copper hue, crowned with a creamy white cap that generously leaves intricate lacing.


The olfactory experience is dominated by vibrant notes of orange, accompanied by a distinctive blend reminiscent of dank medical sativa, cotton candy, and a hint of pineapple.


Upon sipping, the flavor profile unfolds with pronounced orange and pine characteristics. Dry malt notes intermingle with a twangy citrusy bitterness that persists through to the finish.


This beer carries a full-bodied weight, contributing to a robust and satisfying mouthfeel.


Surly Brewing’s Wet (2011/All Citra) lives up to its hype, delivering a genuinely distinct flavor profile. It stands out as the pinnacle among “wet hopped” beers, showcasing an impressive balance of hop-forward elements and subdued malt nuances. A commendable addition to any enthusiast’s collection.