Beer Review: SURLY WET 2018 (CITRA)

Beer Review: SURLY WET 2018 (CITRA)

The Revolution Brewing V.S.O.J. 2018 makes an entrance with a crystal-clear golden hue, topped by a robust, rocky white foam that holds its ground impressively. As anticipated, the visual appeal aligns with the expected standards for a wet-hopped pale ale.


The olfactory experience of this brew is nothing short of overwhelming. Picture walking into a candy store – that’s the initial assault on the senses. Sweet fruitiness takes the lead, reminiscent of pineapple gummy bears and green Jolly Rancher. Given some time to warm up, the aroma sharpens, revealing an abundance of sweet pineapple juice, as if a can of Dole’s pineapple juice collided with a cocktail.


The flavor journey echoes the aromatic promises. Sweet pineapple juice takes center stage, accompanied by notes of white grape juice concentrate. The intense juiciness highlights the prowess of Citra hops in a manner that demands appreciation. However, beneath the surface, Surly Wet demonstrates finesse in its base beer. It’s a clean, refreshing, and silky pale ale with a substantial mouthfeel that defies expectations. The graininess adds a welcomed thickness, resulting in a heavier-than-anticipated experience.


Surly Wet’s mouthfeel is a standout feature. Contrary to conventional expectations, it possesses a weightiness that leans towards a heavy-bodied spectrum for an IPA. The clever interplay of residual sugar counters the bitterness, striking a balance that, while appreciable, might come across as slightly sweeter than the preferences of some IPA enthusiasts.


In the grand finale, Surly Wet leaves a lasting impression by coating the palate with a touch of lingering bitterness, compelling one to reach for another sip. It stands as a modern, vibrant IPA, showcasing the best attributes of hops – a rich aroma and intense juiciness. Surly Wet avoids the pitfalls of astringency and harshness, presenting a well-crafted example of the beloved wet-hopped IPA substyle. Its longevity in the craft beer scene is a testament to its enduring quality and its place as a benchmark for aficionados.

Reflection on the Art of Beer Reviews

Taking a moment to delve into the world of beer reviews, it’s crucial to acknowledge the delicate balance required in offering critiques. Over the years, the reviewer has encountered and assessed a vast array of beers and establishments, cultivating a discerning eye for detail. Critical reviews, rather than being perceived as a detriment, should be seen as valuable feedback, akin to free quality control.

In this landscape of instant feedback, reviews play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around a product or establishment. While producers may at times dismiss critical feedback, assuming sales remain robust, this perspective can be a short-sighted business mistake. Constructive criticism, when approached with an open mind, serves as a compass for improvement, preventing complacency and fostering a continuous commitment to quality.

It’s essential to recognize that a review is a subjective viewpoint, influenced by personal preferences and experiences. The reader is encouraged to consider the reviewer’s inclinations and use them as a guide, especially when aligning with their own palate. However, the inherent variability in beer quality, influenced by numerous factors from production to consumption, underscores the importance of diverse opinions.

In conclusion, the art of beer reviews requires a delicate dance between honesty and respect, serving both the producer and the consumer. Disagreement is a natural aspect of critique, but fostering a culture of mutual respect enhances the collective experience of beer enthusiasts. Cheers to a community that values both the praises and the critiques, contributing to the continuous evolution of craft beer appreciation.