Beer Review: SURLY SŸX

Beer Review: SURLY SŸX

Surly Brewing’s latest concoction, Surly SYX, boldly claims the title of their strongest beer yet, boasting a staggering 15% ABV. As they mark their sixth year, the brewery adds a touch of demonic allure with Michael Berglund’s artwork gracing the bottle. But does this daring creation live up to Surly Brewing’s reputation for excellence?

Tasting Notes

Appearance: The pour reveals a hazy orange hue, crowned with a thin, tight cap of white, setting the stage for what one might expect to be an intense sensory experience.

Aroma: The olfactory adventure begins with notes of peach and white wine, followed by the scent of fresh-cut wood. However, the harmony is disrupted by the unwelcome intrusion of solvent and a hint of grapefruit juice, creating an intriguing yet perplexing bouquet.

Taste: Unfortunately, the taste journey takes a nosedive into a realm dominated by alcohol. White grape, tangerine, and an overwhelming presence of tannins bombard the palate, creating an excessively hot and challenging drinking experience.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is described as juicy and astringent, accompanied by moderate bubbles. This combination contributes to the overall complexity of the beer but does little to salvage its challenging nature.

Overall Verdict

Surly SYX presents itself as a commendable experiment, aging on six different types of wood. However, the concept, promising as it may be, falls short in execution. Surly Brewing, known for consistently delivering exceptional beers, stumbles with this particular creation. The struggle lies not only in the high alcohol content but also in the clash of flavors that fail to harmonize seamlessly.

In conclusion, while Surly SYX may appeal to those seeking an audacious drinking experience, it ultimately stands as a testament to the risks involved in pushing brewing boundaries. This release might be a miss for those expecting the usual brilliance from Surly Brewing’s portfolio.