Upon pouring Sleek IPA into the glass, the first impression is a departure from Surly’s typical bold design. The 12oz format lacks the usual eccentricity, making it challenging to immediately recognize as a Surly product. The clear golden color is appealing, but the surprisingly poor head retention, collapsing within seconds, raises concerns about the beer’s presentation.


The complex nose of green melon, peach, canned pear, cantaloupe, lime, honey, and chamomile offers a bright and summery aroma. However, the lack of the woodsy, piney notes found in Surly Furious is noticeable. The overall scent is refreshing, deviating from Surly’s usual profile.


Sleek IPA delivers a refreshing mix of honeydew melon, lime peel, and sweeter fruit juice, including white grape and white peach. The background hint of honey mint, though slightly medicinal, doesn’t detract significantly. The clean taste with a higher bitterness at 7/10 and balancing sweetness at 6/10 showcases the beer’s modern, clear IPA character.


Despite its initial appearance as a “lighter” IPA, the body of Sleek IPA is unexpectedly full, attributed to the oats addition. The beer’s thickness and robust bitterness, combined with substantial body, make it a filling choice once you delve into it.


Sleek IPA represents a departure from old-school IPAs with its absence of abrasive bitterness and caramel malt. The retro can design contrasts with the beer inside, presenting a modern, clear IPA that is refreshing, juicy, and clean. While the carbonation may need fine-tuning, Sleek IPA proves itself as a preferable option over Surly Furious, showcasing the brewery’s ability to evolve and deliver a quality product.

In conclusion, Sleek IPA, with its distinct characteristics, aligns more with the preferences of those seeking a contemporary IPA experience. The beer stands out in its category, although minor adjustments in presentation and carbonation could enhance its overall appeal. This Surly creation successfully blends innovation with a recognizable brand, making it a commendable addition to the brewery’s lineup.