Upon first encounter with Surly Brewing’s Overrated West Coast Style IPA, it becomes evident that the beer aligns itself with the popular trend of West Coast IPAs. However, the bold claim that it’s “easier to brew an extremely hoppy beer than an extremely balanced beer” sets the stage for a critical examination of the brew’s true character.

Unveiling the Overrated Experience

The opening assertion that Surly Brewing might be a “one-trick pony” crafting “gimmick beers” sparks skepticism. While the brewery confesses to jumping on the West Coast IPA bandwagon, the question lingers – is it a deliberate pursuit of balance or merely a hop-laden façade?

Aesthetic Encounter

Pouring a clear royal yellow gold, the beer presents itself with a decent off-white head, but does its appearance mirror the depth promised within? The visual allure is juxtaposed with the brewery’s self-deprecating nod to being potentially overrated.

Sensory Exploration

Delving into the olfactory realm, the beer emits a mixture of pine and citrus hop scents, accompanied by a hint of rock sugar sweetness. The promise of a balanced taste is laid bare with the suggestion of Simcoe and Citra hops, offering a fresh fruitiness of orange, honeydew, and pineapple. Yet, the looming presence of peppery bitterness and dry malt raises the question of whether the brew lives up to its proclaimed equilibrium.

Palate Examination

As the liquid touches the palate, a wave of fresh hop fruitiness takes the lead, echoing the suggested Simcoe and Citra notes. However, the journey takes a turn with the emergence of a bitter aftertaste. The medium-bodied, juicy mouthfeel is accompanied by slightly rough carbonation, adding complexity to the overall experience.

Final Verdict

Despite the self-awareness of potential overrating, the Surly Overrated West Coast Style IPA manages to win favor. Drawing parallels to the acclaimed Furious and Abrasive, the beer successfully delivers on its promises. The debate on its balance for the “style” remains open-ended, leaving the subjective judgment to individual preferences.

Beer Details

PublisherGenrePrint LengthISBN
Surly BrewingWest Coast IPANot specifiedNot specified

In conclusion, the Surly Overrated West Coast Style IPA may flirt with self-deprecation, but its nuanced flavors and alignment with West Coast IPA trends make it a noteworthy addition for those who appreciate the hop-forward landscape of craft brewing.