The Surly Furious, presented in a vibrant metallic red 16 oz. can, immediately catches the eye. Upon pouring into a specialty glass, the beer reveals itself in a deep amber to red hue. The weaker-bubbled beige foam crowns the liquid, leaving behind impressive lacing as a testament to its quality.


The nose of Surly Furious is a journey through piney and woodsy hop aromas reminiscent of Sierra Nevada Celebration. As it warms up, herbal notes emerge, with hints of tea leaves and dried flowers complemented by the subtle fragrance of toasted malt. This well-crafted aroma profile sets the stage for what lies ahead.


In a craft beer landscape dominated by bright, super pale, minimally bitter IPAs, Surly Furious stands as a bold outlier. The flavor profile ventures into the realm of old-school IPA with a twist of autumnal richness. Notes of dark bread, chestnuts, fruit cake, toast, dark orange, and even cocoa create a complex tapestry. This brew could easily be categorized as a Red IPA or an Autumn IPA, adding a layer of uniqueness to the experience.


Surly Furious delivers a heavier mouthfeel, deviating from the prevailing trend of lighter IPAs. The assertive bitterness, reminiscent of pine sap and pine needle chewing, adds a robust character to the beer. Surprisingly, the finish is drier than anticipated, amplifying the bitterness and placing it firmly on the more aggressive end of the spectrum.


Technically flawless and highly drinkable, Surly Furious showcases a commitment to quality brewing. However, its divergence from the current IPA landscape might pose a challenge for those accustomed to the modern interpretations of the style. In today’s expansive IPA market, where the term encompasses a wide array of profiles, Surly Furious may be a departure for the uninitiated. While not conforming to the prevalent trends, its status as Surly’s flagship beer and its well-executed flavors make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking a departure from the ordinary.