The Surly Abrasive Ale presents itself with a lackluster display, pouring into the goblet with a dull and cloudy amber orange hue. The thin, white cap that perseveres does little to elevate its visual appeal. The aesthetic falls short of inspiring excitement, reflecting a lack of vibrancy often sought in craft brews.


A bold olfactory experience awaits as the beer unleashes a potent blend of big grapefruit, pineapple, and ripe melon notes. While undeniably aromatic, it carries an assertive quality that may border on overpowering for those who prefer subtlety. The fragrance does little to disguise the beer’s abrasive nature, setting the stage for an intense tasting experience.


In the realm of flavor, the Surly Abrasive Ale follows suit with its aggressive persona. The prominent taste profile features grapefruit, pine, and a discernible alcohol presence. Floral undertones emerge, providing a fleeting attempt at complexity. However, the culmination is a finish dominated by an unapologetic onslaught of bitter hops, leaving a lasting and almost confrontational impression on the palate.


The beer’s texture contributes to its bold character, offering a full-bodied experience with average carbonation. This choice in mouthfeel aligns with the overall boldness of the brew, but it might not appeal to those seeking a more nuanced or refreshing drinking sensation. The intensity of the flavors is complemented by a robust and weighty presence on the tongue.


Surly Abrasive Ale boldly declares its identity as an over-hopped and under-brewed Double IPA. The allure of its boldness is undeniable, appealing to those who relish in unabashed intensity. It manages to strike a balance between sweet and bitter, with a commendable attempt at harmony. While it may not be everyone’s cup of ale, the beer succeeds in delivering a memorable and impactful tasting experience. For those who appreciate an audacious brew that doesn’t shy away from its abrasive roots, the Surly Abrasive Ale is an intriguing choice.