The Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA, housed in a vividly designed orange and purple can, immediately catches the eye on the shelf. Poured into specialty glassware, the beer presents itself as turbid, boasting a bright orange hue topped with a persistent white foam. The overall visual appeal is enticing and sets the stage for what’s to come.


Upon cracking open the can, a burst of aromas envelops the senses. Canned peaches and syrupy pear take the lead, creating a powerful fruit cocktail essence. As the beer warms up, hints of Mandarin orange emerge, yet the elusive pineapple remains distant. The tropical fragrance is robust, setting the stage for a flavorful experience.


The initial sip delivers a robust and sharp flavor profile, featuring mango skins and vodka-soaked cantaloupe. The juiciness and pulpiness are prominent, accompanied by an unexpectedly high level of bitterness, surpassing the listed 57 IBUs. The mid-palate and finish introduce a tannic quality from the fruit skins, intensifying the kettle hop-derived bitterness. Despite the bitterness, the moderate sugar from mango, peach, and pear maintains a well-balanced taste. While specific Mandarin orange and pineapple notes may be elusive, their integration feels natural and avoids any artificial or forced undertones. The 7.3% ABV is well-masked, contributing to a seamless and complete beer experience.


The mouthfeel of Vengeful Spirit is notable for its assertive bitterness, seamlessly integrated with the fruit-forward elements. The combination of fruit skins, hop oils, and a bready malt base creates a textured and satisfying drinking experience. The bitterness remains pronounced without veering into astringency, adding to the overall complexity of the beer.


With each sip, Stone’s Vengeful Spirit IPA grows in appreciation. Unlike many beers in the same category that often lean towards regular IPAs with subtle fruit hints, this offering achieves a perfect 50/50 balance between fruit infusion and hop intensity. The beer succeeds in capturing the essence of a tropical IPA with an assertive bitterness, making it not only unique but also highly enjoyable. Stone’s exploration into Tropical IPAs with Vengeful Spirit is a successful deviation from the norm, and it’s a deviation worth savoring. Cheers to embracing this refreshing departure in the IPA landscape.