The 19.2oz can of Stone Notorious P.O.G. immediately catches the eye, resembling something you’d grab from a convenience store. However, the hefty price tag, especially when compared to the 6-pack alternative, raises eyebrows. Poured into a glass, the beer exhibits a hazy, translucent golden hue more reminiscent of a hazy IPA than a Berliner Weisse. The generous foam and robust head retention further contribute to its IPA-like appearance.


The aroma of Stone’s P.O.G. is a burst of tropical fruit, dominated by fresh orange juice, ripe pink guava, and vibrant passion fruit. Impressively, these fruity notes linger, thanks to the absence of volatile compounds from hop additions. It successfully captures the essence of the classic Hawaiian POG combination, creating anticipation for a flavorful experience.


The flavor profile is where Notorious P.O.G. truly shines. The beer tastes remarkably close to pure fruit juice, with a surprising lack of expected sourness for a Berliner. The minimal acidity allows the richness of the maltiness to take center stage, presenting a bready, thick base beer. The maltiness, bordering on oily, transforms the drinking experience into something closer to a fruited blonde ale than a traditional Berliner. The citric acid from the fruits is subtly toned down, allowing the fruit juices to shine, accompanied by a hint of lactic creaminess.


In terms of mouthfeel, Stone’s creation deviates from the Berliner Weisse norm. The surprisingly rich maltiness contributes to a thicker texture, challenging the traditional lightness associated with the style. Despite the beer’s thickness, the play between mild sugar and mild acid ensures a balanced and enjoyable palate. The subdued lactic creaminess acts as a gentle reminder that, despite its fruity dominance, this is still a beer.


Stone’s Notorious P.O.G. stands out as a phenomenal, fruit-forward beer. It achieves a rare balance between being refreshing and delivering a robust fruit flavor. The P.O.G. aroma and flavor are intense, redefining the term “juicy” in the context of beer. Its non-hoppy, barely sour, and low-alcohol nature make it an accessible and enjoyable option for a wide audience. This offering from Stone represents the tropical gem the brewery needed in its lineup.

Similar Beers

Comparisons can be drawn to Wild Barrel’s Vice POG, exhibiting similar traits with limited acidity, pronounced sweetness, and rich maltiness—characteristics uncommon in Berliner Weisse styles.


Stone’s Notorious P.O.G. is a triumph, offering a unique and satisfying drinking experience. Its deviation from the traditional Berliner Weisse characteristics adds a layer of complexity, making it a standout choice for those seeking a fruit-forward delight. While the pricing may raise an eyebrow, the overall experience justifies the cost, making this beer a noteworthy addition to Stone’s tropical-themed lineup.