Beer Review: STONE ENJOY BY 4.20.18 IPA

Beer Review: STONE ENJOY BY 4.20.18 IPA

Stone’s Enjoy By IPA presents itself as a crystal-clear amber elixir when poured from a 12oz can into specialized glassware. The medium-sized, quickly settling whipped cream-like foam adds a touch of visual appeal. However, expectations of a massive onslaught of “dank” beta-acids fall short, making room for a dominant presence of alcohol and butterscotch toffee. The visual experience leans towards a rum baba dessert, with sweetened red grapefruit, orange blossom honey, and herbal tea notes subtly emerging over time.


The anticipated overpowering dankness is noticeably absent in the aroma. Instead, the nose is greeted with the fumes of alcohol blending into a rum baba profile. Persistent exposure reveals more expected aromas, including sweetened red grapefruit, orange blossom honey, and herbal tea. The overall olfactory experience, while not entirely in line with expectations, offers a complex bouquet that demands attention.


The initial sips bring forth a sharp alcohol prominence, swiftly transitioning into a robust red grapefruit bitterness that peaks at an 8 out of 10 intensity. Contrary to expectations, given the alcohol content and kettle hop bitterness, Enjoy By surprises with a light-bodied quality by Double IPA standards. The absence of significant sugar content is notable, and the subtle hints of acidity and saltiness contribute to a buoyant, lighter mouthfeel. The finish is impeccably clean and refreshingly dry, avoiding the common pitfall of high bitterness causing palate abrasion.


Despite its substantial alcohol content, Enjoy By achieves a surprisingly light and buoyant mouthfeel. The absence of dense sweetness allows the acidity and saltiness to play a role in creating a refreshing experience. This double-edged characteristic makes it dangerously easy to consume, challenging the preconceived notion of a heavy-hitting beer in this category.


While Stone’s Enjoy By IPA asserts itself as a beer that won’t be confined to the shelf for long, the overall impression leaves room for comparison with its counterparts. In the realm of hop aromas and bitterness, Exalted IPA and Tangerine Express from Stone overshadow Enjoy By. Despite falling short in these aspects, Enjoy By excels in crucial areas such as pricing, packaging format, label design, and widespread availability. Its appeal lies in the novelty aspect and the ability to package a significant alcohol punch in an easily consumable format. While it might not be the ideal choice for those seeking a hop-forward experience, its popularity is undeniably fueled by its ability to get the fundamentals right. Nevertheless, for those seeking the ultimate hop bomb, alternatives within Stone’s lineup may offer a more thrilling experience.