Beer Review: STONE 03.03.03 VERTICAL EPIC ALE (ENJOYED ON 12.12.12)

Beer Review: STONE 03.03.03 VERTICAL EPIC ALE (ENJOYED ON 12.12.12)

Stone Brewing Co. introduces the 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale, a concoction that boldly experiments with ingredients, embodying a Belgian Strong Ale with a San Diego twist. The result is a beer that’s been taken to the edge and slapped around, urging consumers to treat it gently โ€“ claiming it has been abused enough already.

Unconventional Ingredients and Malt Mix-up

In crafting this brew, Stone employed a palette of intriguing elements, including coriander, alligator pepper, unmalted wheat, dark roasted wheat, Belgian yeast, American ale yeast, and a selection of high alpha hops. The mishmash promises a spicy rush of flavor, but does it live up to the hype? The blend of traditional Belgian elements with a San Diego flair adds a dubble-ish quality, pushing the boundaries of what a beer of this style should be.

Storing Instructions: Handle with Care

Stone Brewing Co. advises consumers to store the 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale upright, cool, and in the dark โ€“ as if the beer itself needs a break after its tumultuous brewing process. The plea for a “nice long rest” and assurance of the beer’s patience piques curiosity about what flavors might develop with time.

Tasting Notes: The Final Chapter on Tap at Stone 12.12.12

Appearance: Iced Tea Brown with a Tight White Ring

As the ale pours, it takes on a hue reminiscent of iced tea brown, topped with a tight white ring, setting the stage for what lies within.

Aroma: Red Apple, Pear, Banana Bread

The aromatic profile of the 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale unfolds with notes of red apple, pear, and a subtle hint of banana bread, creating an intriguing olfactory experience.

Taste: Toasty Malt, Clove/Spice, Pear

Upon sipping, the taste buds encounter a medley of toasty malt, clove/spice, and pear, delivering a complex yet somewhat straightforward flavor profile.

Mouthfeel: Medium Bodied, High Carbonation

With a medium-bodied texture and a kick of high carbonation, the ale showcases a dynamic mouthfeel that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Overall Verdict: A Drastic Transformation

Described as “very interesting, yet kind of simple,” the 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale prompts a reevaluation of previous impressions. A journey back to notes from 2010 reveals a surprising transformation, leaving one to wonder if it has truly evolved into an entirely different beer or if expectations have simply shifted over time. The beer’s enigmatic nature invites further exploration, challenging beer enthusiasts to unravel its layers and discern the subtleties that may have eluded them before.