The aesthetics of Stillwater Insetto’s can design immediately catch the eye, with a modern and decorative appeal. However, the craft soda or seltzer resemblance might lead potential buyers unfamiliar with Stillwater’s design to overlook it. While personally appreciating the sharp look, the branding could be clearer to those not acquainted with the brewery’s style.


Poured into specialty glassware from a nearly three-month-old 12oz can, Insetto presents a hazy, light peach-orange hue with a fleeting pinkish foam akin to soda. The olfactory experience unfolds with notes of fresh stone fruits, strawberries, tangerine, and a hint of green, reminiscent of underripe banana. Unfortunately, the dry-hopped character remains subdued due to the can’s age.


The taste journey kicks off with an assertive, prickly carbonation, accompanied by a prominent saltwater character. The initial sips deliver bracing tartness that quickly fades, resembling a sweet tart, leaning more towards a malic acid experience. The mid-palate mirrors sparkling white wine or rosé, offering a vinous quality, finesse, and a delicate interplay of bubbles, acid, tannins, and lighter flavors of white strawberry and white peach. The finish leaves a lingering sourness akin to salted lime, reminiscent of a margarita. The persistent saltwater character hints at a gose base, though confirmation remains elusive. The bright, highly-carbonated mouthfeel imparts a refreshing quality, making it ideal for a poolside summer beer experience. The plum addition seamlessly integrates without overpowering any specific flavor.


The mouthfeel of Stillwater Insetto is characterized by a consistently lively and highly carbonated sensation, contributing to its refreshing appeal. The balance between acidity, bubbles, and the saltwater element persists throughout the drinking experience, maintaining a bright and effervescent quality.


In conclusion, Stillwater Insetto stands out as a commendable beer, although its sourness, rated at a 7 out of 10, places it just beyond the threshold for a session sour when consumed in isolation. This beer could shine when paired with specific dishes like seafood tacos or when served in stemware at an upscale brunch setting. While the overall experience is phenomenal, a more pronounced dry-hop character and a slightly toned-down acidity could elevate its profile. Despite these considerations, Stillwater Insetto deserves recognition for its nuanced flavors and refreshing attributes.