S’muttonator from Smuttynose is a compelling fusion of German craftsmanship and the unyielding spirit of New England. In the realm of Double Bocks, this brew stands out, taking a leisurely 30 hours to create a single batch. The result is a traditional yet distinct experience, offering a rich, malty profile that manages to cloak its potency with a deceptively smooth facade.

Appearance: A Translucent Dark Amber Intrigue

Upon pouring the 22 oz. bottle into a goblet, the S’muttonator unveils a translucent dark amber hue. A thin tan film crowns the liquid, setting the stage for what lies beneath.

Aroma: Floral Whispers and Maple Symphony

In the olfactory realm, the S’muttonator introduces itself with a bouquet of floral notes, accompanied by the comforting embrace of maple syrup. There’s a subtle nod to nature, akin to the aroma of fresh leaf compost.

Taste: A Symphony of Burnt Toast and Caramelized Pear

The flavor journey unfolds with the bold entrance of burnt toast, lending a robust character to the palate. Caramelized pear joins the ensemble, adding a touch of sweetness that balances the composition. Euro hop spice makes a light but noticeable appearance, contributing to the overall complexity.

Mouthfeel: A Full-Bodied Peppery Dance

The S’muttonator boasts a full-bodied nature, complemented by a peppery carbonation that adds a lively dance on the palate. The mouthfeel is substantial, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Overall: A Departure from Convention

In its entirety, the Smuttynose S’muttonator presents itself as a bold and flavorful deviation from the more traditional German doppelbocks. Its journey from appearance to taste is a testament to the brewery’s commitment to both quality and innovation. This brew manages to carve a unique path, offering a tasteful blend of German roots and New England creativity. If you’re seeking a departure from the beaten path without compromising on boldness, S’muttonator might just be the unconventional choice you’ve been looking for.