Smuttynose Imperial Stout, an offering from Smuttynose Brewing, pays homage to the traditional imperial stouts crafted in the early 19th century for export to Russia’s imperial court. Characterized by its deep hue and robust body, this style intertwines rich malt sweetness with assertive hopping, particularly evident in American iterations. With a promise of dried fruit nuances and roasted malt undertones, the stage is set for a bold tasting experience.


Upon pouring, the Smuttynose Imperial Stout reveals its character with a dark brown, almost opaque demeanor, topped by a thin khaki layer.


The aroma is a medley of robust dark chocolate malt, punctuated by the herbal essence of hops, complemented by hints of walnuts and the bold fragrance of brewed black coffee.


Its flavor profile unfolds with a bold embrace of bitter roasted and burnt dark malts, accentuated by the piquant presence of Euro hops and the acidity of black coffee. While semi-sweet chocolate undertones offer a delightful contrast to the bitter and charred elements, the taste lingers long after each sip.


Smuttynose Imperial Stout boasts a full-bodied texture, with a moderate level of carbonation, leaning towards a dry finish.

Overall Impression

This brew stands as a testament to the quintessential Imperial Stout, offering drinkers the choice between enjoying its sharp roast notes fresh or allowing it to age for a smoother experience. Its versatility appeals to a range of palates, making it a safe bet for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts alike. The playful nod to its superiority over “Kate The Great” adds a touch of personality to the review, underscoring the confidence of its brewers. However, such bold claims might prompt some to explore the comparison further, inviting discussions on the nuances of imperial stouts across different breweries.

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