In the tumultuous realm of craft beers, emerges the enigmatic Sweet Action from Sixpoint. This brew defies easy categorization, speaking directly to the palate, leaving rational thought behind. A product of what Sixpoint aptly terms “Mad Science,” this beer challenges the norm.

Poured into a tulip glass, Sweet Action presents itself with a dark, cloudy orange hue crowned by a substantial off-white head.


The olfactory adventure begins with a light aroma reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, accompanied by subtle notes of hops and mango. It’s a delicate dance of scents that adds an intriguing layer to the overall experience.


Embarking on the flavor journey, Sweet Action delivers a distinctive combination of sweet cream and zesty orange at the forefront. The tasting experience concludes with hints of grass and pine, leaving a fruity, slightly bitter aftertaste. Notably absent is a prominent malt presence, contributing to the beer’s unconventional character.


The medium-bodied elixir boasts a silky texture, accompanied by a fizzy effervescence that titillates the taste buds. This unique mouthfeel enhances the overall drinking experience, making each sip a sensory delight.


Undoubtedly, Sixpoint’s Sweet Action has earned its popularity for good reason. A beer that effortlessly captivates with its approachable nature, drinkability, and outright deliciousness. Striking a harmonious balance between sweetness and bitterness, it defies easy categorization. While Sixpoint labels it a cream ale, the amalgamation of qualities prompts one to perceive it as a hybrid, blending the characteristics of a cream ale with a touch of pale ale influence.

In the realm of craft beers, Sweet Action stands out as a puzzle for the palate – an intriguing concoction that beckons beer enthusiasts to embrace the unexpected.