From Sixpoint Craft Ales comes a revelation in a slender 12 oz. can – Resin, an Imperial/Double IPA boasting a formidable hop punch and an unapologetic strength. The brewery claims an innovative approach, honing in on the very essence of hops by dissecting the botanical structure of the hop cone. At an IBU of 103 and ABV of 9.1%, Resin loosely fits the double IPA category, yet as expected from Sixpoint, it shirks the constraints of rigid style definitions.


The pour reveals a dense, hazy amber elixir crowned with a thick, creamy tan head that lingers, leaving behind intricate milky lacing.


A bold olfactory experience unfolds, dominated by prominent pine and citrus notes. A touch of earthy yeast adds complexity, creating a nasal symphony saturated with hops.


The flavor profile showcases a cacophony of earthy, abrasive bitter hops mingling with caramel malt. A modest burst of citrus and burnt sugar interplays, introducing a subtle fruitiness that succumbs to a lingering bitterness in the finish.


Presenting as a full-bodied concoction, Resin boasts a well-matched, elevated carbonation level that complements the robust hop presence, providing a textured and satisfying mouthfeel.


In the realm of Double IPAs, Sixpoint Resin stands as a compelling specimen. While many doubles succumb to an overwhelming malt bill, Resin successfully tips the scale in favor of hops. Despite the pronounced maltiness, the hops emerge triumphant. The overall experience is remarkably clean, boasting a commendable aroma and packaged in an aesthetically pleasing slim can – a deviation from the stereotypical bulkiness. This East Coast creation manages to defy preconceived notions, earning its place among the exceptions that challenge conventional Double IPA skepticism.