Sixpoint Puff is introduced as a hazy, unfiltered pour that invites beer enthusiasts to envision puffing on hops for days, with an intriguing twist—a final burst of energy in the form of a special hop bouquet for the afterparty. Described as a concoction meant to capture the essence of a cloudy brew, this limited release can promises a Keller experience straight from the tanks. But, is this cloudy creation worth the hype?

Tasting the Clouds

In the glass, Sixpoint Puff pours a hazy amber orange, crowned with a wispy white cap. The initial visual impression sets the stage for what’s to come.

Aroma: Citrus Symphony

Upon lifting the glass, the nose is greeted with the vibrant aromas of grapefruit and orange essence, complemented by notes of ripe cantaloupe and a hint of rock sugar. The olfactory experience promises a sensory journey into the heart of hoppy delights.

Taste: Bitter Beginnings, Sweet Surprises

The very first sip offers a concentrated burst of hops, delivering a sharp bitterness that demands palate adjustment. Once acclimated, the flavors unfold—a syrupy pineapple sweetness and candied grapefruit dance on the taste buds, leading to a prolonged IBU finish that defies expectations.

Mouthfeel: Full-Bodied Adventure

With a full-bodied character and modest carbonation, Sixpoint Puff takes beer aficionados on a textural adventure. The weightiness on the palate enhances the overall experience, making it a sipper to be savored.

The Verdict: A Nostalgic Nod to the West Coast

In the grand scheme of craft brews, Sixpoint Puff emerges as a very flavorful sipper. Reminiscent of old-school West Coast Double IPAs, it manages to encapsulate an impressive array of hop flavors. The brewery’s commitment to freshness, evident in the beer’s 100-day consumption code, underscores the dedication to delivering a top-tier experience. Beyond the liquid itself, Sixpoint succeeds in packaging and branding, elevating the enjoyment from the first puff to the last. While not for the faint of heart due to its intense bitterness, Sixpoint Puff stands as a testament to the artistry of hop brewing—a cloudy, hoppy journey worth undertaking.