The Sixpoint Party Piñata Sour IPA pours from its slender 12oz can, clad in a paper label, revealing a slightly hazy orangish hue beneath a substantial off-white foam. The foam’s density is notably thick, reminiscent of whipped cream, creating an appealing visual appeal. In the realm of appearances, this beer certainly stands out.


Bringing the glass to the nose, the Party Piñata unleashes an audacious tropical fruit symphony. Abundant notes of pineapple juice and ripe mango dominate the olfactory experience, accompanied by a subtle hint of coconut, crafting a convincing Piña Colada profile. The presence of bold aroma hops may either be subtly integrated or overpowered by the sweet and sour intensity of pineapple, creating a unique aromatic profile. This brew deviates significantly from the typical IPA olfactory experience, surpassing even renowned counterparts like Pineapple Sculpin or Stone’s Vengeful Spirit.


Diving into the tasting experience, the Party Piñata captivates with its bold and unconventional flavor profile. The dominance of pineapple juice persists, accompanied by notes of mango and a more pronounced coconut presence. The sweetness level registers at a 6/10, while the acidity maintains a balanced 5/10. Bitterness takes a back seat at 1/10, allowing the tropical fruit character to shine. The beer culminates with a zippy, quick finish, leaving the palate yearning for another sip. Surprisingly, the anticipated stickiness from lactose and any misplaced vanilla character is notably absent, contributing to an overall well-balanced taste.


The standout feature of Party Piñata lies in its mouthfeel, where a soft creaminess, likely a result of lactose, takes center stage. Additionally, a salty buoyancy imparts a bright, refreshing quality uncommon in a typical milkshake IPA. Astonishingly, despite its 8.4% ABV, the beer remains dangerously drinkable, devoid of any discernible alcohol sting. The balance achieved in the mouthfeel enhances the overall enjoyment, defying expectations for a beer of its strength.


Despite its nomenclature as a Sour IPA, Party Piñata bears little resemblance to a traditional IPA. Aromatically, hops are elusive, and overall bitterness hovers close to zero. Sixpoint deviates from the conventional New England-style or milkshake IPA recipe, infusing an abundance of fruit juice that transforms this beer into a cocktail-like experience. Casual drinkers are likely to be impressed by the beer’s adherence to its thematic promise, while aficionados of hazy IPAs will revel in its status as a genuine juice bomb. The utilization of “proprietary Sour IPA techniques” remains enigmatic, but the result is an unparalleled beer that defies categorization in the craft beer landscape.