The Berry Jammer from Sixpoint pours out from its 12oz can, revealing an intense deeper pink color with a light pink foam. The head retention exceeds expectations, lingering for about a minute. The overall presentation is enticing, setting the stage for the tasting experience.


Upon closer inspection, the aroma of Berry Jammer initially offers notes reminiscent of artificial Kool-aid, evolving into the scent of a melted raspberry popsicle. As the beer warms, the aroma gains complexity, with yogurty lacto notes emerging, adding a richer quality to the olfactory experience.


Berry Jammer truly impresses with its flavor profile. The overall acidity is well-balanced at a 5/10 level, maintaining a clean character with soft lactic acid and no sharp or funky edges. Salinity plays a prominent role, contributing buoyancy to the mouthfeel. The berry juices, far from resembling melted popsicles or fruit punch, present themselves in a vinous manner, offering a pop of sweetness and firm, leathery tannins. The lasting tannic bitterness elevates this fruit sour to an exceptional level of complexity.


The combination of high carbonation, berry skin tannins, zingy acidity, and a judicious amount of salt and sugar creates a delightful mouthfeel. The beer manages to strike a harmonious balance, showcasing the expertise behind its brewing.


Sixpoint’s Berry Jammer stands out as a masterpiece, blending vibrant carbonation, berry skin tannins, zesty acidity, and just the right amount of salt and sugar. This mixed berry version, part of the Jammer Session Pack, is a standout among its counterparts. While each beer in the pack is commendable, the Berry Jammer emerges as the best all-around version and is likely to be a crowd-pleaser.

Similar Beers

For those seeking comparable options, look for lower acidity, fruited Berliner Weisse, and Gose styles. Wild Barrel’s Vice series, though limited in distribution, comes to mind. Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez Lime & Agave and Dogfish Head’s SeaQuench Ale offer alternatives, with Dogfish Head’s SuperEIGHT Gose being the closest in flavor to Berry Jammer.

In conclusion, Sixpoint’s Berry Jammer is a testament to their brewing prowess, delivering a well-crafted and balanced fruit beer that is sure to leave a lasting impression.