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Sixpoint Craft AlesImperial PorterNot specifiedNot specified

Sixpoint 3Beans: A Roasted Trinity

Sixpoint 3Beans, an Imperial Porter from Sixpoint Craft Ales, invites beer enthusiasts on a journey that blends wheat, barley, and beans into a singular vessel. This concoction, intertwining the legacies of bygone brewers with the bold companionship of cacao and coffee, strives to present a trinity of roasted, rich, and savory flavors.

Pouring the Essence: Appearance and Aroma

The initial encounter with Sixpoint 3Beans unfolds as it pours into a goblet, revealing a brown hue crowned by an off-white head that eventually settles into a dense film. The aromatic embrace carries notes of sweet prepared coffee and a touch of chocolaty roasty malt, setting the stage for what promises to be a sensorial experience.

Sip by Sip: Taste and Mouthfeel

The journey through this imperial potion brings forth a palate dance characterized by sweet prepared coffee caramel, accompanied by the robust essence of roast and a subtle hop spice. Clocking in at a formidable 10% ABV, the surprise lies not only in the potency but in the balance of flavors that manages to captivate the taste buds. The medium-bodied profile, coupled with average carbonation, ensures a satisfying mouthfeel that complements the overall experience.

Final Verdict: Tasty Triumph

In the realm of imperial porters, Sixpoint 3Beans stands out as a triumph of taste. Its surprising 10% alcohol by volume is masked by the well-crafted combination of flavors that dance harmoniously on the palate. The infusion of beans, cacao, and coffee creates a delightful trinity, making this brew a commendable choice for those seeking a rich and robust experience. Cheers to Sixpoint for delivering a concoction that defies expectations and leaves a lasting impression on the discerning beer aficionado.