I find myself once again pecking away at the keyboard after a hiatus, and what better way to dive back in than with a review of Sierra Nevada’s widely available Dank Little Thing IPA. Sierra Nevada has earned a spot in my beer rotation for its accessibility, clear labeling, and a commendable quality-to-price ratio. So, let’s crack open this Dank Little Thing and see if it lives up to the hype.


Dank Little Thing pours a striking honey mustard yellow, reminiscent of its predecessor, Hazy Little Thing, with that classic fluffy Sierra Nevada head. The haziness reaches peak turbidity, making it possibly the haziest shelfie I’ve encountered so far.


The aroma is undeniably massive, dominated by fruity hops that overshadow the resin and pine notes suggested in the description. While it doesn’t quite align with the modern Citra Mosaic hazies, the CTZ and Amarillo contribute to a classic “dank” aroma that permeates the air. It’s an impressive olfactory experience, living up to expectations.


Having a soft spot for the original Hazy Little Thing, I appreciated its ability to balance sweetness for a national store shelf hazy. Dank Little Thing, with its bumped-up 7.5% abv., leans towards the sweeter side, deviating from the usual hop bitterness Sierra Nevada is known for. It’s a departure from the West Coast IPA bitterness, and although it took me a while to sip through, it showcases a different facet of the hazy spectrum.


Dank Little Thing presents a full-bodied, almost weighty mouthfeel with subdued carbonation. It sits heavy on the palate, contributing to the overall experience.


After four out of six in the six-pack, Dank Little Thing has left me in a state of confusion. Sierra Nevada has crafted a beer with an inviting aroma that rivals even some Double Dry Hopped (DDH) varieties. While the sweetness made it less crushable for my palate, the magnetic pull of the hop aroma kept drawing me back. It’s a testament to the power of aromatic hops. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sierra Nevada could have maintained the magic within the confines of the 6.8% abv. base beer. Personal preferences aside, if you or your beer companion are into Hazy IPAs, this one stands out as a top-tier choice among store-bought hazies. Associating “dank” with potent weed, this beer delivers on its promise. It might not be for everyone, but it certainly hits the mark for what it claims to be.