Upon pouring Sierra Nevada’s Big Little Thing into the glass, it’s evident that this brew defies expectations set by its hazy counterparts. Contrary to the haziness trend, it presents a brilliantly clear, medium gold hue with a vibrant, glossy, and meringue-like yellowish foam. The foam lingers for a commendable duration, creating an enticing visual appeal.


Big Little Thing beckons with an intriguing bouquet that evolves as it warms. Initial notes of piña colada give way to nuances of lemon hard candies, Starburst, and even maraschino cherries. Despite its 9% ABV, the aroma remains relatively subdued compared to other imperial IPAs, steering clear of the common orange gummy slice and cough syrup tendencies.


In the realm of flavor, Big Little Thing embarks on a journey with impressive juicy pineapple and maraschino liqueur notes. The surprising light-bodied nature enhances its drinkability, with minimal interference from excessive sweetness or alcohol heaviness. However, the finish introduces an odd drying effect, and the saccharin bitterness deviates from Sierra Nevada’s signature woodsy, resinous hop character.


While the beer achieves a remarkable 9% ABV, its light-bodied nature is a noteworthy accomplishment. The buoyancy and lack of excessive sweetness contribute to a swift traverse through the mid-palate. However, the finish exhibits a slight medicinal quality, deviating from the anticipated experience.


Sierra Nevada’s Big Little Thing ventures into uncharted territory, deviating from the established flavor profile of the brewery. The absence of the distinctive estate grain flavor and reduced fattiness marks a departure from the familiar Sierra Nevada portfolio. The bitterness, though present, lacks the resinous, woodsy hop power typical of the brewery’s offerings. While it successfully delivers a modern, bright interpretation of a Double IPA with an impressive light-bodied feel, it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with the established Sierra Nevada brand identity. Big Little Thing, in essence, embodies the “Little Thing” branding—a departure from the brewery’s conventional offerings.

In conclusion, the beer achieves its mission of pushing Sierra Nevada beyond its comfort zone, offering a contemporary take on Double IPA. Its lightness at 9% ABV is commendable, but the sacrifice of the familiar Sierra Nevada flavor elements may leave some long-time enthusiasts yearning for the brewery’s traditional palate.