Sierra Nevada Brewing celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its notorious Bigfoot Barleywine with a distinctive twist – the Barrel Aged Bigfoot. This craft beer legend, known for its winter appearances and relentless assault on palates, takes on a new dimension after spending nearly two years maturing in oak whiskey casks. The result is a brew that diverges from its traditional character, offering a complex profile that beckons enthusiasts to savor its fleeting presence.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors

Appearance: The Barrel Aged Bigfoot pours a hazy dark red hue, crowned with a thin tan ring, setting the stage for the sensory journey that follows.

Aroma: Delving into the olfactory experience, sweet cherry and plum notes intertwine with the unmistakable presence of bourbon, creating an enticing aromatic prelude.

Taste: The palate encounters a harmonious interplay of wood, walnuts, dark chocolate, and cereal, leading to a warm, woody bourbon finish. Notably, the once-aggressive hops have mellowed, allowing the malt to shine, accompanied by rich burnt-sugar flavors and subtle hints of vanilla, toasted coconut, and raisins.

Mouthfeel: This 750 ml. bottle of complexity boasts a full-bodied nature with lively, creamy carbonation, elevating the overall drinking experience.

Critique: A Tantalizing Delight

Overall Impression: The Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot lives up to the hype, delivering an amazingly tasty experience that stands as a testament to the craft brewery’s prowess. For aficionados familiar with both fresh and aged Bigfoot iterations, this variant emerges as a unique entity, distinct from its counterparts. The once-aggressive hops take a back seat, allowing the malt to unfold with the nuanced influence of the barrel character.

Age-Worthiness: Contrary to conventional aging practices, the reviewer recommends savoring this brew promptly, emphasizing its current state as the pinnacle of enjoyment. The aggressive hops have subdued, and the malt has achieved a smooth equilibrium, making it an ideal choice for immediate consumption.

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Sierra Nevada BrewingBarrel Aged Beer

In conclusion, Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot transcends the boundaries of its legendary predecessor, offering a captivating journey for the palate that warrants seizing this elusive beast before it vanishes from availability.