The pour reveals a deep amber gold, inviting and mesmerizing. A thin film of white delicately crowns the brew, hinting at the adventure awaiting within.

Aroma: An Overwhelming Symphony of Hops

Prepare for a sensory assault as the aroma hits with an assertive force. Pine, grapefruit, and tangerine notes intertwine, creating a potent olfactory experience that borders on the strength of industrial floor cleansers.

Taste: A Bitter Symphony with Citrus Undertones

The taste unravels a tapestry of bitter earthy hops, accompanied by a citrus bouquet that adds a layer of complexity. The abrasive astringency lingers, leaving a trail of robust bitterness on the palate.

Mouthfeel: A Full-Bodied Affair with a Tame Fizz

The mouthfeel delivers as promised—a full-bodied indulgence with carbonation playing a supporting role. The average carbonation keeps the texture in check, allowing the bold flavors to take center stage.

Overall: Bitter Brilliance with a Citrus Twist

In the realm of bitter beers, Short’s The Liberator stands tall and proud. The extra dose of citrus, a thoughtful addition to an already dank concoction, elevates the overall experience. It’s a bold, bitter brew that doesn’t shy away from making a statement—a fitting homage to the hop-headed hero behind Short’s Brewing Company.