The Family Whistle by Sante Adairius Rustic Ales presents itself in a soft golden hue, boasting a fairly opaque body with crackling carbonation that builds a voluminous rocky head. The visual appeal is undeniably inviting, setting the stage for what’s to come.


A robust and intricate passionfruit character takes center stage in the aroma, a result of fermenting and aging two distinct saisons in French oak puncheons. The marriage of passionfruit and the brewery’s unique house culture delivers depth, complemented by yeast-derived citrus and phenols that enrich the olfactory experience. The oak introduces a subtle touch of vanilla, enhancing the fruit’s sweetness and creating a scent akin to a well-crafted smoothie.


The flavor profile unfolds with a medley of passionfruit, orange, tangerine, lemon, and vanilla notes. The carefully orchestrated acidity refreshes the palate without overshadowing the overall balance. Sante’s foresight in managing the addition of fruit, coupled with bottle re-fermentation, prevents any unsettling imbalance. The base beer showcases the strength of Sante’s wild culture, featuring a pronounced fruit expression with subtle hints of earthy and cheesy funk. The beer’s poise becomes evident as it maintains an enjoyable character throughout the entire bottle, making it a pleasure to savor over the course of an evening.


The well-rounded mouthfeel of Family Whistle further enhances the overall drinking experience. The gentle acidity adds a refreshing quality, contributing to the beer’s overall balance. The crackling carbonation, observed in its appearance, continues to play a role in delivering a satisfying mouthfeel.


Originally intended for the coveted SARA Cellar in 2017, the 2021 release of Family Whistle stands out as one of the standout wild ales of the year. In a landscape where increased acidity from US Wild Ale producers has tempered enthusiasm, this offering from Sante Adairius, along with recent releases from other notable breweries, signals a positive shift. The beer impresses with its nuanced flavors, skillful balance, and the promise of a potential renaissance in refined sour and wild ales. If you’re fortunate enough to possess a bottle of Family Whistle, indulging sooner rather than later is recommended to capture the fullest expression of its passionfruit profile.