SanTan Brewing’s Oktoberfest, a German Style Lager, takes a bold step in celebrating tradition. Poured into a pilsner glass, this 12 oz. can offers a 5.5% abv for a clean, crisp lager flavor tailored for autumn enjoyment.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors

Sampling the 2016 edition, packaged on 8/8/16, the deep copper-colored brew presents itself with a robust tan foam that gradually diminishes, leaving behind a thin layer of bubbles. The aroma kicks off with a delightful mix of rich dark bread, sweet dough, and pumpernickel, evolving to reveal notes of dark strawberry and dates as it warms.

Flavorful Journey: From Richness to Sweetness

The initial taste experience unfolds with a wealth of richness, slightly oily in texture, showcasing red fruits like baked strawberry and stewed red cherry. The mid-palate introduces a sturdy malt foundation, featuring dark bread crust and sweet tea. Remarkably, given its 5.5% ABV, the body carries a fullness and richness with a subtle oiliness in the finale. SanTan Oktoberfest stands out as a well-crafted brew that would appeal to a diverse range of palates, particularly those inclined towards malt-forward, lightly bitter brown ales and dark lagers. This brew might even win over devoted Newcastle lovers.

Impressive Composition: Low ABV, High Satisfaction

In conclusion, SanTan hits the bullseye for this style with an admirably low 5.5% ABV. The Oktoberfest proves to be a well-rounded, flavorful concoction, making it a commendable choice for enthusiasts seeking a taste of tradition without compromising on character. Cheers to SanTan for delivering a beer that effortlessly balances tradition and innovation.