Russian River Brewing celebrates its 25th anniversary with the release of a special concoction that’s not just a beer; it’s an experience. The brainchild of the mad scientist Vinnie, this barrel-aged masterpiece is a disproportionate blend of six distinct beers. Strap in for a wild ride because, as described by Vinnie himself, it’s a “sour barrel-aged disproportionate blend” that’s as complex as it sounds.

Tasting Notes: A Journey Through Complexity

Upon the first sip, the Russian River Toronado 25th Anniversary reveals itself as a bold and mouth-filling creation. The six individual components, brewed with unique processes, converge into a blend carefully curated by Vinnie and Dave. This 750 ml. bottle of craftsmanship is 100% bottle conditioned, featuring the trinity of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus. Clocking in at 8.75% ABV, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Aesthetics: Amber Elegance and Wine Barrel Intensity

In the goblet, the Toronado 25th Anniversary pours a captivating bright amber, crowned by a resilient white cap of head. The aroma is an olfactory feast, dominated by red wine notes and the unmistakable scent of a wine-soaked cork. This beer takes the concept of wine barrel aging to new heights, delivering a big basement funk that’s nothing short of impressive.

Flavor Profile: Tart Berries, Funky Yeast, and Wood Symphony

As the liquid gold hits your palate, prepare for a sensory adventure. The taste unfolds with tart berry and red fruit notes dancing in harmony with funky wild yeast. Tanins make their presence known, contributing to a bright and fruity flavor profile that’s as dynamic as the brewing process itself.

Texture: Lively Carbonation, Full-Bodied Marvel

The mouthfeel of the Toronado 25th Anniversary is a celebration of contrasts. Lively and active carbonation tickles the tongue, while the full-bodied nature of the beer adds a layer of richness. It’s a textural masterpiece that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Final Verdict: Simply Spectacular

In conclusion, the Russian River Toronado 25th Anniversary is nothing short of amazing. Its levels of sourness, fruitiness, and woodiness intertwine seamlessly, creating a beer that stands in a league of its own. Dismissing it as just another “Consecration” or “Supplication” would be a mistake; this anniversary release is a spectacle that rivals, if not surpasses, its predecessors. Cheers to Russian River for 25 years of brewing excellence!