Russian River Mind Circus Hazy IPA pours into the glass with a straw-colored hue and a generous, long-lasting bleached white foam that refuses to dissipate. The beer boasts impressive carbonation, with bubbles persistently rising to the surface. However, it’s worth noting that despite being classified as a Hazy IPA, Mind Circus doesn’t entirely conform to the hazy trend. While it’s not as crystal clear as a pilsner or some West Coast IPAs, it falls short of the opacity commonly associated with the hazy style. There’s a hint of haze but no sediment settled at the bottom of the bottle.


Initially, there’s a hint of soapy aroma, which quickly gives way to more pleasant notes of lemonade, lemongrass, and cake batter. Unlike the typical New England-style/Hazy IPAs, Mind Circus takes a different aromatic route, deviating from the expected goopy and sweet profile.


Mind Circus defies the stereotypical Hazy IPA style. Instead of a chewy, sweet, and minimally bitter concoction, it offers a refreshing, crisp experience with a prominent herbal bitterness and minimal sweetness. There’s even a touch of saltiness that enhances the beer’s mouthfeel, giving it a soft buoyancy. The finish is clean and swift, with a lingering mineral character. The effervescent carbonation maintains its refreshing nature throughout the tasting. Overall, Mind Circus is a remarkable beer, but it doesn’t fit the mold of a typical Hazy/New England-style IPA.


Mind Circus presents a mouthfeel that’s atypical for Hazy IPAs. It leans towards the drier side with a noticeable bitterness. The added saltiness contributes to a soft and buoyant sensation, making it quite different from the heavy and sweet mouthfeel often associated with the hazy style. The effervescent carbonation elevates its refreshing quality.


Russian River’s Mind Circus Hazy IPA challenges the conventional expectations of the Hazy IPA style. It offers a clean, bright, and refreshingly bitter profile, deviating from the usual thickness and sweetness associated with this genre. If you’re a fan of Hazy IPAs that lean towards dry and bitter territory, Mind Circus might be right up your alley. However, those who adore the traditional, thick, and chewy Hazy IPAs might find themselves a bit puzzled by this deviation.

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